Thursday, March 23, 2006

Warm but smelly

Pam returned from her shopping trip to Ikea with a bagful of bits –all of them useful of course. I managed to get the last fence panel up – even tested it in the strong wind that was blowing yesterday. My neighbour came around and asked me if I wanted to go for lunch to the restaurant we had told him about. Apparently the invitation was to be a nice surprise for me. I had to decline because after fitting the fence panel I had a film to watch down at the school. He looked very disappointed! The film was funny – set in the sixties about a Grandad who goes to live with his daughter in Madrid. Sadly I had to leave before the end to pick up Pamela and her friends.

We’d had a note through the gate telling us that the gas would be turned off yesterday. They had tried hard to write the note in English for us which was very kind of them. Their English reads as well as my Spanish probably does. Anyway the note told us to “clouse all the shutoff valves untill we advise you of the service resumption”. Well they never did advise us so we tried out the air conditioning units in heating mode last night. The louvers which direct the cold air upwards in cooling mode direct it down in heating mode. Within minutes the room was warm and comfortable. So no problem heating the house but without the gas we have no hot water! So we might be warm and smelly if they don’t come around today.

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