Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Compusory purchasing

I just don’t get it. Why do women love shopping? What is it about trudging round crowded streets into even more crowded shops that appeals to them? Don’t get me wrong, if I need something like a new camera I am as excited as anyone to go out and look for one. I can even get excited about buying some new clothes. The bit that I can’t get excited about is just going around to look without even knowing what I am looking for. "You never know what you might see". Yes I do, something that I don't need!

Another thing that puzzles me is, why do they go out looking for one thing and come back with something totally different? “I needed a black skirt but I couldn't find one I liked but I saw these green trousers so I bought them instead”. Presumably the black skirt is still necessary and will be bought at a later date. Why do they not understand that it isn’t compulsory to buy something every time you go out? If you can't find what you went for come home with nothing. Walking out of a shop without buying won't make the alarms go off. You won’t be chased by security guards. To return with nothing is legal. The excuse though is that to come home empty handed would be a waste of time. My answer to that is that to buy something you don’t need is a waste of money which in my book is worse.

Why am I telling you all this? Well Pam is going on a shopping trip today. They opened an Ikea near Murcia about a month ago. On the day it opened there were five thousand eager shoppers waiting to go in. Now that the crowds have hopefully gone down the lady who organises our coach trips has organised a trip there. Pam is going with three of her friends for the whole day! Just what do you do at Ikea for the whole day? We certainly don’t need any furniture. Nor do we need crockery, lamps or any of the other gizmos that Ikea sells. She will come back with something though. I can guarantee it!

What am I going to do? Well I had planned a nice quiet day. Once I have dropped Pam and her friends off I plan to go to Ardy and get another roll of fencing to finish the job off. Then I was going to chill. Yesterday though our teacher told us we could go down to the school to watch a film with the other group. The film is in Spanish of course. So Pamela said she couldn’t go go but I could. How kind of her! Then I’ll get a phone call “come and pick us (and our shopping) up”.

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