Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Time flies when you are having fun

The weather might have been cold but the hospitality was red hot.

We went shopping on Friday. The day started sunny but ended up with a snow blizzard in Manchester.

Saturday we went to the Brook House on the Wirral for Pamela’s parents diamond wedding anniversary party. The food and the company were both superb. On the way back though we heard this horrible grinding noise from the rear nearside of Laura’s car. At first I thought it was the exhaust trailing on the ground. When we got back it was clear it wasn’t that.

Sunday we went back to the Wirral to see Hugh, Angela, Catherine and Andrew in Jemma’s car. Hugh is an excellent cook and produced an exceptional meal for us. Within half an hour it is was as if we had never left. We had such a good time with them and really look forward to their visit at Easter.

On Monday we took Laura’s car to the garage and then went on in Jemma’s car to see my father in Yorkshire. I’m glad to say that he looked very well. In fact I would say that he was walking better than he was when he visited us last August. We took him out for lunch and had a good old natter about things.

Whilst we were in Yorkshire Laura had a phone call to say that the problem with her car was a wheel bearing. Apparently when the mechanic took the brake drum off the bearing just collapsed. It was damn lucky that it didn’t do that when we were on the motorway. So she had to have two new wheel bearings and two new tyres for the front.

Yesterday we left a very grey and dismal Manchester to return to sunny Spain. Once we had boarded the plane, the captain announced that we could be delayed by one hour because the air traffic controllers in France were on strike. As it happened he made time with a tail wind and were forty minutes late.

Ken our neighbour picked us up and told us that for three of the five days there had been gale force winds. We got home to find most of the cane fencing down and a few things moved but no structural damage. So perhaps a bit of rain and snow in comparison wasn’t too bad.

Anyway a big thanks to all those people we saw – we thoroughly enjoyed your company and our apologies to those we didn’t see. Perhaps we will be able to catch up with you in July.

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