Sunday, March 26, 2006

Clean again

Update on message 23rd March 2006.

For those have been worried that we are now so high that decent people won't come near us.

Nobody came to tell us that we could turn the gas back on. One of our friends though phoned the guy who came round to do the work and asked him. Anyway the upshot was that we were able to turn it back on the next day. Sods law though - that day the water company were working on the supply and so we had reduced pressure. Fortunately there was enough flow for the boiler to work and for the shower to operate. So we are nice and clean again.

At the same time Aguaest sent us a water bill . Ours was just over four euros which seemed very cheap until we realised that was for three days with water useage of one day.

When we all went onto mains electricity and had to pay for it everyone turned off their lights outside the houses. I imagine now that we are paying for water they will stop watering their gardens and washing their cars. One couple have already told us that they have a bucket which they use to collect the water from their shower whilst waiting for it to run hot. They then use it on the garden. I'd like to say they are being ecological but the truth is they don't like paying for the five litres of water it takes to get the shower hot. Sad isn't it?

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