Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here comes Summer

Today I decided that Summer is officially coming. To celebrate I‘ve been out all day finishing off the fence in my shorts whilst Pam was asleep on the sun bed in her shorts. If it carries on like this I might even go into the pool but then again no point in getting carried away. The water is still only 14 degrees C.

Actually I’ve been multitasking which is something Pam tells me only women can do. Laura’s computer was in a right mess when we went back to England. There were loads of viruses, trojan horses and browser hijackers which had managed to find their way into the system. I spent a day last week trying to sort it out but then today I bite the bullet. I’ve re-formatted the hard drive and I’m installing a clean version of the operating system (good job she had the discs). Pam will take it back with her at the end of the month. Hopefully she will keep it virus free until our next visit in July.

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