Sunday, March 12, 2006

The gales last week

Taken from the Costa Blanca News.
With gusts that ranged from 52kph in Benidorm up to 119 kph in Albocásser in Castellón, the winds derailed a train in Albatera, forced aircraft to divert to other airports, brought down power lines and trees in numerous municipalities and caused chaos on many roads as traffic lights and signs were ripped from the ground and sent flying. Many roads became impassable due to uprooted trees.

In Alicante and Torrevieja two buildings were severely damaged. In one incident in Alicante a pallet-load of bricks from a building site was blown onto the roof of an adjoining building causing significant damage, while in Torrevieja a wall was blown over onto a row of parked cars.

Fire crews had to deal with countless cases of fallen trees blocking roads and in Pego and L'Atzúvia it took firemen nine hours to bring a forest fire under control after strong winds sent the blaze close to L'Atzúvia. Fishing fleets all along the Costa Blanca were unable to sail.
As the force of the winds dropped on Monday, councils were left to count the cost of the clean-up operation. In many municipalities council workers and firemen had to work their way through uprooted trees and downed power cables in order to re-establish communications and get vital roads open.

So I guess we were lucky only the cane fencing blew down. It had weathered badly anyway so we are replacing it with plastic cane which should look a lot smarter. This time I’ll fasten it up with plastic ties!

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