Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not sure anymore

First we had the legalisation of gay marriages in Spain. Now it appears that female transsexuals are to be allowed to pass custodial sentences in women's prisons even if they retain their masculine features and name, says a new decree.

Where will this all end? Will clothes manufacturers start producing women’s clothes in men’s sizes and vice versa? Which toilet should these people use? Which changing room in shops? Are we now in the position where we should recognise three sexes – men, women and indeterminate?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not homophobic but I can’t help feel that it is almost becoming fashionable to be anything but straight.

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Your local APJ Boy(sorry man) from Good Ol' Snowy Greasby. said...

Ah Keith. You know what those 'flight assitants' are like. One minute you believe your talking to the Politically Incorrect Term of a Trolley Dolley to be suddenly corrected as you look up to find a tall, dark and handsome stranger. A natural urge of wondering what the pilots must be like beggars belief if that is how the flight assistant swings. We live in the 21st Century where having a gay marriage is covered and promoted by the media while those 'old fashioned' straight people have a wedding on the sly.On a seperate topic, we are experiencing up to 6inches or more of snow. . .if this is Global Warming, i like it =]Who said spring was all about budding flowers and singing birds, eh?