Monday, March 27, 2006

In a rented car!

A few months ago our neighbours were caught by a scam in Los Montisinos. Ken was sitting in his car outside the DIY shop whilst his sister went inside to buy some bits and bobs. A guy came up and asked him for directions to San Javier airport. Ken got out of the car to show him the directions on the guy’s map. When Kay returned minutes later her handbag had gone. Ken hadn’t even notice the second man opening the door and removing the bag. Luckily there wasn’t too much in the bag.

Anyway it now seems that the police may have caught the thieves.

From the Costa Blanca News

Elche local police have arrested two Romanians accused of 42 cases of theft from cars at Alicante airport and the surrounding areas.

Police arrested the 25 and 19 year old and have linked them with an organised crime gang dismantled in Campello in February.

The couple operated using a rented vehicle in which they would draw close to another vehicle, mainly driven by tourists, put out a local map and ask for directions. While the driver and passenger were distracted, one of the thieves would open a rear door and grab anything at hand, mainly seeking wallets and purses.

Although several victims tried to stop them, the couple had always managed to escape until their luck ran out last week when their last victims reported they were using a Skoda Octavia (at least they made a decent choice of car). The car had been rented from a firm in Denia and officers were able to track the thieves down and arrest them.

Both detainees are in the country illegally. The 25 year old had already been deported due to previous convictions in Spain and had been banned from returning to the country.

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