Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All done

Pamela comes back today. I will be picking her up from the airport at approximately 1:25.

I'm pleased to say that I managed to get all the jobs I had planned to do done. The garden walls are all snowy white again, the pool is clean for the Winter, the garden is tidy, the furniture on the roof is all sanded and re-oiled, the washing is done and the house is clean and tidy.

It won't take Pam long though to find something that I haven't done. Last time she was in England I spent two days dusting and polishing everywhere. Within ten minutes of her return she found the one shelf that I had missed! My excuse was I had to leave her something to do.

In any case I was doing all my own jobs and her jobs as well. If I went to England would I come back to find the pool cleaned or the bougainvillea tied back to the fence?

Update: Pam's flight has been delayed and won't arrive at Alicante until 15:20 (approx.)

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