Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hispanamerican day (14th October)

The local free paper told us that the 12th October was the day that Torrevieja celebrated links with Spanish speaking American countries. This year the event was to take place at the Eras de Sal and would include dancing and singing along with food drink and crafts from South American countries. So we went down to Torrevieja only to find that it was in fact the 14th when the event would take place.

So we went back to the Eras de Sal on Saturday. There were a few stalls selling crafts, food and drink but not many. The setup inside though was something else. The event was being televised for broadcast in the Hispanamerican countries so the back wall, as you can see, showed the profusion of sponsors. There was also some very serious sound and lighting equipment.

We stayed until about 7:30pm when the place was becoming crowded. Spaniards, fresh from their siesta were arriving in their hordes all dressed up in their best clothes ready for a night of partying. The acts taking part came from the full range of Spanish speaking countries including Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and Peru. The dancing in particular was quite spectacular and well worth seeing. One slightly confusing item on the programme was Joe Black’s Brass Band from England. Maybe they meet to rehearse at a Mexican restaurant!

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