Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New television

The Sony 20 inch Wega screen that we bought looks good, has a surprisingly good sound system and is fine for normal broadcasts. It is hard work watching widescreen films on it though. All you get is a narrow strip of picture across the middle with a black band at the top and bottom. On reflection we should have spent the extra money to buy a 26 inch widescreen set but at the time they were so expensive.

Prices of LCD screens have dropped a lot. The ubiquitous 17inch LCDs have all but disappeared and you can now get sets up to 60 inches. So we bought a Sony 32 inch Bravia V series set and have confined the 20 inch set to the bedroom.

When I first set the new television up in the lounge it looked so big. It seemed to dominate the room and made the hi-fi speakers look so small. Now we are used to it and it fits in well. Movies are a joy to watch; we can even read the subtitles at the end.

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