Monday, October 30, 2006

More teccy suff

Yesterday I got the opportunity to complete the re-installation of Windows on my laptop. My Dell Latitude is five years old and has never been reformatted. So Windows was crawling, startup was so slow you could have made and drunk several cups of coffee before the thing was ready for work. It was time for a complete clean out.

Re-installing Windows itself was a pain. It took me three installs to get it working properly . The video driver seemed to be the main root of the problem. Finally I was able to get a new driver from the Dell site which sorted that out. For the satellite connection to work with sites like Microsoft Update you have to set the MTU value of your network card to 1135 (the default is 1500). Fortunately a program called Dr TCP allowed me to do that.

So yesterday I was ready to update Windows. It took all day to download and install all the 80 plus updates for Windows but I finally got there. My reward is a fully restored laptop which starts up like a tiger.

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