Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bloody hell

I got this email today.

Hi, Daniel

Very seldom people are happy being lonely, so I decided to take my chance and send you a letter. Once I've seen your ad in the internet, but couldn't have the temerity of sending you my note, especially without your interest in me……
But still you were in my mind... And now I am sending my letter to you.
I can say that I am quite happy with my life, but I am missing my one and only special man. Loneliness is what I want to get rid of. If you are looking for a smiling face, sparkling eyes and heart full of love, write me to

See you!


Well Karolina sorry but
a) my children call me Wilf, friends at my old school called me Willo, my Spanish teacher calls me Quique and my real name is Keith. Nobody has ever called me Daniel.
b) my wife comes home on Tuesday and she is enough for me to cope with!
c) a smiling face etc. sounds nice but what I am really looking for is a quiet life.

So please excuse my temerity; I've put your message on my blog in case someone reads it who is called Daniel and wants to take advantage of your generous offer.

PS Be warned she might just have an infection or two to pass on to you so visit her at your own peril.

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