Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You always take the weather with you

Peter Kay tells the story of holiday makers taking the sunshine back in their cases to the UK. Is it possible that you can take the weather with you? Certainly when our visitors came this year the weather here changed from brilliant sunshine to a mixture of overcast days with some sunshine. Once they returned to England the weather changed back and we had brilliant sunshine again. Had they made a big mistake and brought their English weather with them?

The day that John and Joyce left the skies were blue and the sun shone from early morning to dusk. It was much the same every day for at least the following week. Whilst they were here we had half days of clear skies at best. If it was clear in the morning it had clouded over by the afternoon and vice versa. It might have suited them but it didn’t best please us.

It was the same for the girls in June. We even had a few dullish days when the Hugh, Angela and Andrew came in August.

For next year please leave your English weather back home. Don’t bother packing it in your suitcases to bring here. We don’t mind you sharing our Spanish sunshine just as long as you don’t try and take it back to England with you and leave us with English gloom.

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