Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New license

Well I am nearly there with my Spanish driving license. I had a letter from Traffico telling me to go to Alicante to trade in my English license for a Spanish one. What I actually got though, after a three hour wait, was a temporary license. Apparently my plastic card license will come in the post within two months. In the meantime I can use the temporary one in Spain as long as I carry valid ID with me. So nearly there but not quite.

Just as well that Pam didn’t get her letter because she could not have used a temporary license in the UK when she visits there next week. Her letter will hopefully come whilst she is in the UK. We can then go back to Alicante for another three hour wait!

Still we had a good day out, did a bit of shopping in El Corte Ingles and had a nice lunch in Alicante at a “buffet libre”.

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