Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feria de Otono Sunday 22nd October

Last year’s Autumn Fair was very good. This year it was even better with more stalls, more entertainment and more people. Apart from the fair itself, a lot of the shops were open – on a Sunday!

The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) had set up a stage at the entrance to Calle Purisma especially for the fair where they put on street entertainment including this flamenco dancing class. The entrance archway to the fair was built on Friday and will be knocked down on Monday. As you can see there was a wide variety of goods on sale including food stuff, clothing, cooking pots and jewellery. The herbs in the bags are cures for every conceivable ailment.

Both nights the Ayuntamiento put on concerts in the new theatre including a special tribute to Mozart by a Valencian orchestra.

All the entertainment was of course free.

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