Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Six rashers Johnnie and four balls Joyce

Whilst we didn’t know the outcome of Pam’s mother’s stroke, the visit of our John and Joyce was in the balance. As it happened Pam had been back nearly a week before they were due to arrive so they were able to come. We were glad because they are long standing friends. Pam has known John for 45 years and I’ve known him for 38. We’ve known Joyce for over 18 years.

Last year their flight was cancelled and they ended up arriving 12 hours late at 2:30 in the morning. This year they arrived on time in brilliant sunshine. The excellent weather didn’t last though and so we had a few days when it was cloudy at least for part of the day. It didn’t seem to spoil their time here though. We lazed around the pool, ate, drank and chatted. Generally it was just a relaxed week with a few visits to break up the pace. As you might expect, they left in brilliant sunshine.

Why “six rashers”? Well John likes a bacon buttie for breakfast and is quite happy to make his own. Normally he would have a few rashers perhaps with an egg to make it more interesting. On the Sunday though there were six rashers left in the packet so he decided to cook them all rather than leave some. In fairness we are not talking Danish back bacon slices but even with Spanish bacon, a six rasher buttie is serious business!

Why “four balls”? Joyce was tempted to go for a late night swim the first night they were here but then changed her mind. The deal on subsequent nights was that if four of the floating pool lights came on she would go for a swim. On the last night four of the lights came on but Joyce baulked on the deal. Perhaps on a future visit she might be tempted again!

Thank you for your company. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. We also hope that you have a fabulous time cruising through the Panama Canal. It won’t be the same as a week in Bigastro but we’re sure it will be OK.

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