Tuesday, October 24, 2006

They're back

When we came over in November ’04 to complete on our house we stayed in a hotel in Guadamar and met Rachel and David. Just by coincidence they were completing on their house at Villas Andrea as well. So with such a good point of contact we made friends.

Rachel and David are not residents but do come out for several weeks at a time. Normally Rachel will email me to let me know that they are coming but with the Internet down that hasn’t been possible. Anyway we met up with them at the market and they came round to sample my paella the following Saturday. We had a great time catching up on news and events.

We ate outside in the warmth and chatted until it went dark. I knew then that we should either come inside or I should spray myself with repellent. Although Pamela had brought out the citronella candles to keep the mossies away, I still have a dozen bites on my arms and ankles which prove they don’t work. The mossies, like Rachel and David, haven’t been about for awhile but they are obviously back now. I was bitten the week before so I should have known better but there you go.

PS none of the others were bitten. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel!

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