Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I have to eat my own words. Pam’s father’s hoarding has paid off. When Jemma and Laura looked through the old clothes that Marjorie kept they saw a potential to make money. Apparently there are shops and web sites that specialise in clothes from the seventies and earlier. I didn’t know that.

Jemma and Laura carefully went through the wardrobes at Arthur’s house and selected those items which they thought would sell easily. Jemma photographed them and sent the pictures by email to the owner of one of the web sites she had found. Her reward was a cheque for £300 plus postage for clothes that we would have either taken to the charity shop or more to the point the skip.

I dare say there are even more items that are saleable especially the crockery and glasses which in some cases date back to the 20s. I ask you though, who would have thought that crimplene would come back into fashion?

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