Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Beware the voices of doom and gloom

The pipework to carry the telephone cable is laid. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I even asked the foreman who was supervising the job if the pipe was for telephones. It runs to the first Telefonica box at the bottom of the estate. From there the pipework goes round the whole estate. Each house is connected to the boxes and the phonepoints are already installed in the lounges and main bedrooms. If you lift the covers on the Telefonica boxes in the road you can see the cables. They have now put the cable in at the bottom of the road. A friend of ours saw them do it and again confirmed it was for telephones.

Still people are not convinced. First there was a rumour that only the builder was to get a phone. The rumour goes on to say that a vote was taken at the Council meeting which proved 9 to 1 against phones being connected to Villas Andrea. Now why on earth would anyone go the trouble of laying 500metres or more of pipework just to connect one house? More to the point what would anyone in the council gain by denying us our phones? Of course it is election time next year. Could this be an early smear campaign to discredit one of the candidates?

Still the rumours persist. We can only have radio phones at Villas Andrea. That is because two people have just been offered radio phones by Telefonica. One resident already has a radio phone. He didn’t need a cable to be laid up from the village to get it. Then we are told the cable that they have laid isn’t thick enough to supply a line for each house. Oh and yes, there aren’t the green boxes that you find in England where all the connections are housed. Yes there are boxes – we have one just around the corner on Calle Le Vigan which says Telefonica on it. I dare say there are others if you go round and look for them. I’d guess that there are more experts on telecommunications living here at Villas Andrea than there are in the rest of Spain.

Anyway it appears that we should have phones by Christmas. All we need to do is to register our interest at the Town Hall and they will process he requests to Telefonica.

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