Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The little yellow plane

Sounds like a title for a children’s story but it isn’t. The plane in question flies over our estate and I dare say a lot of other houses at what looks and sounds like 50 feet up. Some days it arrives at a respectable hour but on others it will fly over at the crack of dawn (8 am is very early for retired people). Pam says the pilot must be a man because no woman would be so stupid enough to fly over houses at that time of day. It does make me wonder though what time the he has to get up to be over Villas Andrea at 8 in the morning.

People tell me that the purpose of the plane is crop spraying for insects. If that is the case, why do we still have hundreds of flies and mosquitoes not to mention grasshoppers and other undesirables buzzing round the garden? The flies are the worst especially when they persist in landing on your face. So get the flies and the mossies Mr Yellow Plane otherwise buzz off round some other people’s houses.

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