Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not for tilting at (1st October)

We decided to go to Lo Pagan where we had promised to take John and Joyce. We’d been there before on our coach trip to the market at San Pedro del Pinatar and also when we went to watch Aire 06 but had not had a chance to explore the area fully. Just as well we didn’t take John because we walked for miles and came home shattered.

First we parked at the fishing port at Lo Pagan and walked along the promenade to Santiago de la Ribera. After a refreshment stop we walked back to the car and had some lunch and then set off to the Parque Reg. San Pedro del Pinatar which is a series of salt lakes populated by flamingoes.

There is a very long path which we followed that goes out to sea with the park on one side and Mar Menor on the other. When you get to the end you are only a short distance from the strip of land which separates the Mar Menor from the Mar Mediterraneo. On this strip are the posh hotels and apartments.

On the salinas side of the path we followed, crazy Spaniards (and possibly others) cake themselves in the mud from the bottom of the salt lakes and then let it dry on them. We are told that the minerals in the mud are good for the skin. Even stranger though are the people who sit in a brackish water channel bathing in stinking brine. Note the lady who has even taken her chair to sit on whilst she bathes her feet in the water. Sensible people of course just lie in the sun or go for a swim on the Mar Menor side of the path.

As you can see the molinos or windmills are way past there best and wouldn’t stand any tilting.

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