Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crucial choice

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Where will your loyalties be tonight?

One of my neighbours last week told me she'd watched the first leg of this draw up at the Pedrera. She obviously wasn't going to support Manchester, so much to the delight of the Spaniards who were up there she was cheering for Barca. She then went on to tell me that she'd rather see Barca playing Chelsea in the final. I took that to mean that Liverpool had already been dismissed in advance of their return leg tomorrow.

I wouldn't be so sure. When northerners get behind their team it makes a big difference. Fuelled by pork pies ( NB the meat is pork not pawk ) and wearing their cloth caps, they can show the jellied eel and empanada mobs a thing or two.

You can be sure that both tonight and tomorrow night it will be "COME ON YOU REDS" in Casa El Willo.

Ultimately, since I don't like football anyway, it doesn't matter much to me but there is a point of principle at stake here.

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