Thursday, April 17, 2008

El tiempo en Orihuela

For those of you in the UK.


En la primera mitad del día se esperan cielos nubosos. Por la tarde predominarán las nubes.

In first half of the day cloudy skies are expected. Later on clouds will predominate.

Temperatures of 18.2°C and bright sunny spells will make it feel warm.

For tomorrow:-

Por la mañana predominarán las nubes. Por la tarde dominará la alternancia de nubes y claros.

In the morning clouds will predominate. In the evening it will alternate between clouds and clear skies.

The high temperature of 17.9°C will make it feel a little cooler.

Saturday will be cloudy (high of 19.6°C); Sunday we will have some sun and showers (high of 18.3°C); Monday will be cloudy (high of 17°C) with the return of bright sunshine on Tuesday (high of 20.9°C).

Manchester, on the other hand, will be cloudy for the next five days with the chance of a little rain on Sunday. High temperatures will range from 8 to 11°C.

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