Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More problems for our neighbour

There are more problems for Aurelio Murcia, the builder responsible for our houses. His partner, Ginés Ruiz is claiming that a sentence passed in 1997 in Madrid which condemmed Murcia to a minor prison for seven months along with a payment of 49,698 euros also means that he cannot hold public office. The sentence for fraud, relates to a company that Murcia was a manager of which collapsed in 1993.

Ruiz says that he cannot understand how Murcia can reside in a house valued at 400million pesetas which belongs to the company and at the same time accuse the Mayor Joaquin Moya of a whole series of crimes related to fraud and embezzlement.

Murcia has refused to comment on these issues.

PS Have you noticed that when Spaniards refer to the price of houses they always talk in terms of pesetas. Even though the euro has been in circulation for a number of years the peseta still makes more sense to them when dealing with large sums.

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