Monday, April 21, 2008

I missed that one

The show at the Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA) this weekend would have been a lot more interesting than the Home and Garden show that we went to. It was the fifth edition of the Antique Car show with old cars, motorbikes and spare parts on display.

A Rolls Royce Phaeton and a Cadillac Seville were displayed along with  motors from long lost marques like Packard, Auburn, Nash and Daimler. The collection of Bultaco motorbikes owned by Eduardo García Mira were there and a much loved Seat 600 sat alongside Fords and Citröens.

The cars for sale included a  1971 Jaguar E-Type at 70,000€ and Cadillac limos from the 80s for 18,000€. Just imagine trying to get one of those around some of the narrow streets and tight corners in Biagasto. There were also plenty of stands selling parts, manuals and other paraphernalia.

For those who couldn't afford the real thing; the Spanish Hurtan company from Granada were showing a replica car called  the Albaycin which they make using the engine, gearbox and suspension from a Renault Clio.

And just to make the day complete; in the next pavilion was the Alicante Spirit Tuning show for those who are into customising. I can't begin to think  what they might have suggested for my Skoda Roomster. 

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