Monday, April 21, 2008

Their situation is worse

Whilst we complain about the the recent power cuts; we should consider the plight of these people:-

Grupo Idearco sites in Orihuela Costa, Algorfa, and Almoradí have recently had their builder’s supply of electricity cut off due to unpaid bills.

Agreements have been reached in some cases for outstanding utility debts to be settled by the homeowners. In several cases these debts for electricity and or water run into thousands of euros dating back six months, and payment instalment plans have been arranged in order to restore their supplies.

The results of these negotiations will become clearer next week and as a result many residents were reluctant to speak until a settlement had been reached.

Several buyers have expressed resentment that before they signed for their new properties, they had been asked to pay a fee of as much as 900 euros in cash. They allege they were told this was for the supply of electricity and water and many understood it would include their connection fees as well.

Residents on the Costa Dorada urbanisation in Algorfa have been without electricity for the last two weeks, cooking on gas stoves and with no street lighting. One unfortunate woman moved in just a day before the electricity went off. However they are hopeful that as a payment plan has now been agreed that it will be restored soon.

Remember it was Idearco who bought the land the other side of Le Vigan with the intention of building an aparthotel. They are also the company who are building the Flamingo apartment blocks near to the new school.

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