Thursday, April 24, 2008

A new version for you

I know that many of you use AVG Antivirus; so you will be pleased to hear that a new version of the free antivirus package will be available for download today.

Version 8 sees a complete interface overhaul, bringing the free version into line with the commercial AVG Internet Security 8.0 suite.

As well as an improved front-end, the new software will feature the LinkScanner system, which the company acquired when it bought out Exploit Prevention Labs last December.

The plug-in integrates with popular web browsers and automatically scans the pages returned by Google, Yahoo and MSN web searches, adding warnings to any results that appear dangerous.

I personally use McAfee Internet Security Centre which came preloaded on my computer. I have to say that I think paying a penny short of £50 for a year's subscription renewal is a bit steep especially when a new boxed version is only £34. It's obviously how they make the money.

I tried the Antivirus program from Telefonica which is part of our Duo package but my Spanish is not up to sorting out setting up an antivirus program yet so I removed it. Maybe next year I'll move back to AVG.

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