Friday, April 11, 2008

Local clinic

Whenever we can, we support local businesses. More often than not, they give excellent service at very competitive prices. It isn't that difficult to string together a few meaningful sentences in Spanish to explain what it is you want and most of the people here will help you with a little English where they can.

Yesterday, on the advice of one of our neighbours, Pam visited the Clinica de Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación Bigastro situated at12 Calle Moreal, on the 1st floor to the left.

They provide physiotherapy for both the old and young, treatment post work and traffic accidents, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic and sport massage and even treatment in your own home.

Pam has been having problems with her neck and upper back for awhile and so she went along for treatment yesterday morning. For over an hour of very thorough massage of her neck, back and arms, she paid 18€. Now that is what I call excellent value for money.

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