Friday, April 11, 2008

Shocking problems

Whatever they were doing down the road with the electricity yesterday meant that we had no power for a large part of the afternoon into the evening. The connection was only fully restored after 8pm - just in time to make the evening meal.

I hadn't realised that the on-off power had caused problems with my ADSL router until the girls tried to call on our IP phone and got the message that the number was unavailable. I checked on my computer and sure enough, although the lights were all lit on the router, there was no connection to the Internet. Re-setting the router forced it to re-synchronise and returned both the Internet and the VoIP phone.

I figured that what happened was; the router started to intialise when the power came back on but was halted when the power immediately went back off again.

It was a stark reminder that, even though we have the VoIP phone for cheap calls to the UK, we still need the Telefonica landline for emergency calls if nothing else.

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