Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy busy busy

Yesterday was out big day out –a  coach trip to Ibi as part of the cultural week.

One thing it taught us was not to trust our teacher Eduardo.

First off he had us down at the bus stop in Bigatro at 8:30am for a coach that wasn’t due to leave until 9am. Half an hour less time in bed is not good. It may take us some time to forgive him for that.

Eduardo had told us we were to visit a toy factory and museum in Ibi. What we actually did was visit the castle in Villena,. Then the Medieval Market and museum in the city.

After lunch in Ibi, we finally walked down to the Toy Museum which was closed for refurbishment! So we ended up visiting the Museum of Biodiversity in the town. And then if that wasn’t enough, we visited the Torretes-FontRoja Biological Station nearby. A lot of walking ,much of which was up and down steep hills and we never saw a single toy.

Having promised to give one of the young students a lift back to Almoradi, we didn’t get back home until just after 9:30pm at which time we badly needed a cup of tea.

Now today we have go to Alcante airport for 10am to pick up our daughter Jemma and her friend who are staying with us for a few days. And tomorrow, Pam has an appointment in Orihuela for an x-ray.

Goodness knows when I will find the time to write anymore on this blog.

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