Thursday, April 23, 2009

The library, a space for permanent education.

Today is the Día del libro so at 4pm in the computer room at the Auditorium, the Alfabetización I group of adults from the EPA will be getting hands on experience with the new technology and the Internet.

I hope it all goes well for them. I have bitter experiences of such events where computers crashed, the Internet connection went down or the students managed to delete important system files.

I well remember one particular course where we were introduced to computer graphics on a BBC model B. For the final session we were taken to a special room where the College housed its state-of-the-art Unix system. The guy in charge made the mistake of leaving a group of art teachers alone to play with it. When he came back there was a message on the screen telling him the system had encountered a fatal error. At that point we made a hurried exit and drove home. I'm sure that won't happen today.

On Thursday 30th at 4pm, a rep from Codex bookshop will be talking about books, authors and the celebrations for the Centenary of the birth of Miguel Hernandez which will take place next year.

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