Monday, April 20, 2009

Mohamed comes to the mountain

In times of crisis, any idea is a good idea.

Deeply concerned about the effects that the economic situation is having on the car salesrooms, the Concejalía de Fomento de Almoradí has decided to organise  a car fair once a month to coincide with the weekly market in the town. The Saturday market in Almoradí  is very popular with both locals and tourists, thousands of people visit it each week so it an obvious place to showcase new cars.

Understandably, people are reluctant to go out and visit car showrooms when they are uncertain of their economic future. Bringing the car showroom into the nerve centre of the town at the Plaza de la Constitución therefore seems to be a good idea.

I wonder though, is it fair to taunt people by showing them something they can’t afford or perhaps should put of buying until they are more certain of their future?

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Pete said...

I'm not sure Keith. A lot of the recession is in people's heads. Whilst things are horrendous for many, for lots and lots of people they are, in real terms, a lot better off. They just feel that they shouldn't be spending, and that in turn triggers more recession. I like the idea of bringing the cars in.