Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fierce opposition to Città Slow

Yesterday, the Popular Party heavily criticised the Mayor of Bigastro for travelling to Barcelona to attend the International Fair of Tourism as one of the “Città Slow” towns in Spain. The opposition party regard the whole concept of slow cities as a waste of time and resources especially when, they say, the town needs to concentrate more on harnessing industry and innovation.

Murcia, spokesperson for the PP, reminds us that it was the ex mayor who approved the construction of a solar farm on protected land, the reclassification of land to build houses for a further six thousand inhabitants and the controversial decision to allow extra stories to be built on blocks of flats. He also reminded us of the 25 illegal houses that have been built on the huerta.

For three years, the PSOE In Bigastro have opposed water transfer from the Tajo to the Segura and refused to attend the rallies in Murcia and Elche.

Murcia (the spokesperson not the city) says, that the PSOE now want to plant quince and the unprofitable Desiree potatoes. He went on to lament the cancellation of the proposed 24,000 square metre extension to the industrial estate in favour of the cemetery, "Todos tendremos un chalet en el cementerio, pero dónde instalamos nuestros negocios cuando estamos vivos" which more or less means, we will all have a place in the cemetery but nowhere to work when we are alive.

It is always good to hear both sides of an argument and to know that decisions made by the ruling party on the council are not allowed to slip through unchallenged. As to who is right, that is up to the townsfolk to decide.

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