Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now that is impressive

What do you do with the stone in the middle of a date? Yesterday in Elche they held a competition to see how far you could spit it out.

There were lots of participants for the inaugural date stone launching competition. One man had come from Valencia to take part and a German pair travelled from Torrevieja in the hope of setting a record. There was also a good crowd to encourage the contestants on to better efforts.

The concejal de Fiestas opened the running with a distance of 1m, the Gestora de Festejos Populares, managed 3m. Francisco Tomás Gómez, a local public notary launched his stone a very impressive 9.44m on his first attempt and improved that by four centimetres on his second.

However, the first official record set at the Worldwide Championship for Launching a Date Stone by Mouth was eventually set at an incredible 11 metres 90 centimetres – that is just over 39 feet for the sake of my British readers. The winner received a basket of typical products from Elche which probably included a box of dates to practice for next year.

I don't think I could throw a date stone 39 feet let alone launch one that far from my mouth!

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