Monday, April 13, 2009

Stricter rules

The beaches in this area are so important to the regions economy that it seems sensible to protect them by law and make them safe for the all important tourists to use.

To this end, the oriolana coast has a new directed decree for this summer. The new laws aim are to guard the security of swimmers and maintain the sands of the coast in a perfect condition.

  • Camping on the beach is prohibited.
  • Lighting fires on the beach is also prohibited except on the night of San Juan. Even then, the people who light the fires will need written authorisation from the City council and will be required to ensure that they do not burn material that contains metal or chemicals.
  • Walking up and down the beach offering massages, tattoos, DVDs and CDs is to be prohibited unless the venders have a licence.
  • Securing a place at the front of the beach by leaving a parasol is also prohibited. The local police are to empowered to remove any parasols that are used in this way. The parasols will only be returned when the owners provide proof of ownership in the form of a receipt along with proof that they have paid the fine imposed upon them.
  • Since bathers have preference over other users, beach fishing is banned between the hours of 9 in the morning and nine at night except during an authorised fishing competition.
  • Underwater fishing is prohibited in bathing areas. In areas where it is permitted, divers must be licensed and mark their position with a buoy.
  • Diving for treasure is also regulated, Under the Ley Valenciana del Patrimonio Cultural and finds must be reported within 48 hours.

To enforce the law, fines between 150 and 3,000€ can be imposed. Serious infractions like erecting unauthorised facilities, spillage of contaminating materials, navigating a boat into a bathing zone, acts of vandalism or obstructing rescue services and first aid posts will carry maximum penalties. Lesser offences like fishing during the daytime, consuming alcohol in public places or swimming when the red flag is flying will attract fines up to 1,500€.

The positioning of chiringuitos, kiosks, hammocks, parasols, pedalos and other items for imagerent are also regulated in the decree and will require permission from the City council.

Chiringuitos without either supply of running water or connection to the sewage system will only be able to sell drinks and ice creams. Those that are able to sell food will be carefully regulated about the type of products they sell.

Finally the people who create sand sculptures will need municipal permission.

The local police on the coast are going to be kept busy this summer, I hope there are enough of them!

PS I've just realised that picture is of a chiringuito in Goa. I must find a picture of one closer to home to replace it.

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