Thursday, April 02, 2009

The oil just dried up

Congratulations to those who saw through my April Fool message yesterday about oil in Bigastro and commiserations to those who have started digging in their gardens in the hope that they can find some of the black gold.

For the benefit of my Spanish readers; it is traditional to play jokes on people on April 1st but only until midday. In Spain, the day for jokes is the 31st December (I must remember that!).

I had a comment from one reader:-

If they find an oil reserve under my property will they seize it ( the property ) and make me pay for the construction of the oil field ?

Well until the Valencian Government finally repeal the land grab laws, I suppose it is possible!

and another reader said:-

Sorry Keith, but suggesting that an appointed councillor will ensure equitable distribution of wealth was just a stretch TOO far. ;)

I will try and make future stories more believable.

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