Saturday, April 18, 2009

Murcia comments

For two years now, Aurelio Murcia, as head of the opposition party in Bigastro, has been working to expose what his party perceive as the wrong doings of the previous socialist mayor, Joaquín Moya.

Murcia was recently  interviewed by the newspaper Informacion about what comes next.

Murcia says that his party now has two aims: to solve the problems of the town and to continue with the six denunciations that the courts are investigating.

He hopes that the town will be able to recover the 800,000€ along with the properties that his party claims is owed to the town. This property includes  the 90,000 square metres of land at the Pedrera which was sold to Idearco and a further 26,000 square metres of land included in the town plan.

Although he does not hold them responsible, Murcia is convinced that the people who work for the council were aware of what was going on and turned a blind eye in exchange for money.  He adds that, in his views,  the current mayor is a puppet of the previous one and reminds us that Medina is already imputed in two of the denunciations and may be imputed in more.

Murcia does not have any quick fix solutions to the problems of the town. He does however make the point that the council should be about providing services rather than employment. The PP have already suggested that the council workforce should be reduced at several council meetings.

When asked about his friendship with the previous mayor, Murcia wanted to make it clear that the information used by his party as a basis for the denunciations came from documents of the City council, the Government reporter and the Catalan Autonomous Government and not from personal information that he might hold. Moya and Murcia were friends for a great many years before they became political rivals.

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