Sunday, March 21, 2010

But will the signal reach Bigastro?

Residents in Torrevieja have been able to pick up TDT from transmitters in Murcia and Alicante for a while but the new Torrevieja Transmitter will provide stronger signals, less interference and dropouts, optimally greater picture and sound quality, with new additional channels to follow in 2010/2011.

The Torrevieja signal covers the entire municipality and is installed in the upper area of the city on the water reservoir.

Almost all of today’s new LCD and Plasma televisions already have integrated TDT but for less than 50 euros it is  possible to adapt an old set through a decoder that connects to the same TV. You  can even purchase a USB version which allows you to watch TDT through your computer. You do, of course, need a suitable aerial.

Many expats on the Costa Blanca South have never experienced Spanish TDT, due to the rebroadcast of UK TV Channels and satellite systems. Torrevieja’s new Transmitter might be the turning point for them as the system will offer users new benefits, including dozens of free channels to choose from, higher quality picture and sound, the ability to select subtitled programs, an electronic program guide, original version films with or without subtitles and even radio channels broadcast via television.

Of most interest to expats will be the large number of films, kids programming, mostly American TV shows, documentaries and even the Simpsons in English (or Spanish) through the press of a couple of buttons. At present at least 23 channels are available on TDT with the new transmitter expected to add even more, including local content.

I only hope that the signal reaches us here in Bigastro. We have an amplified indoor aerial  which just about picks up a few digital channels on a good day. If the signal from Torrevieja is stronger then hopefully we will get more. At least then we could watch events such as the Fallas in Valencia and the Semana Santa parades in Torrevieja.

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