Wednesday, March 03, 2010

That's enough thank you

image Those of you who are in Bigastro will know that the lovely break from rain and cold came to an abrupt end yesterday afternoon.

Between about four pm and nine, 20 litres per square metre of rain fell causing chaos on the roads making many in the area impassable.

Whenever it rains hard like that, there are terrible problems in Torrevieja which has prompted the council to once more apply to the Valencian Autonomous Government for work to commence on the system for draining rain water first applied for in 2007.

The picture shows the rain down by the SMILE dental clinic we go to. Last time they had heavy rain, the water was coming through the roof and running into the electric box, tripping it out. I hope they got the problem sorted before yesterday.

image The good news is that today should see a mixture of sun, clouds and some rain and by tomorrow it should have dried up.

You can see on this satellite picture the heavy mass of cloud moving to the east away to be replaced by the much smaller anticyclone.

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