Friday, March 26, 2010

Torrevieja is ready

image After a wait of almost nine months, Calle Caballero de Rodas, the main street running in front of Torrevieja’s Inmaculada Church and the Town Hall, is finally open for traffic again.

Calle Caballero de Rodas and all of the side streets leading off and running through it are now open for business just in time for Semana Santa and the Easter Processions. However, attractive through they are, the additional 38 street lamps and posts to stop cars parking, will make life very difficult for most of the larger pasos in the processions to be able to turn safely around corners. There are still a few more landscaping areas to be completed over the next week but this project certainly makes the city centre a much more attractive area for residents and visitors alike, to enjoy. 

The work on Calle Purisima in Bigastro is reaching its final stages but is not yet complete. As of yesterday, there was a section where the existing cobbles had been lifted but the new ones hadn’t been laid. There were also large bags of granite cobbles on the completed section.

The question is, will it be ready for Sunday’s parade and more important, for “el Encuentro” on Easter Sunday?

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