Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Modesty is the order of the day


The Junta Mayor de Cofradías in Torrevieja has asked the ladies who take part in the parades this Easter, known as “manolas” to show some modesty in their dress.

The three major directives relate to the skirt length, shoulders and of course the décolleté.

Mini skirts are not really appropriate, nor is it seemly to wear dresses that are sleeveless. As for the décolletage, well this is a religious festival, it is not an occasion to show off your assets! Round or square shaped necklines are acceptable but not “too pronounced”.

Ladies who have sleeveless dresses are recommended to wear a jacket to cover their shoulders. Long sleeves are recommended but to the elbow is acceptable.

Gloves should be worn which can either be lace like the mantilla or plain leather. The type of shoe is left to the ladies to choose but of course they must be black.

I am sure that the ladies wearing mantillas this year will look suitably elegant and in most cases beautiful.

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