Saturday, March 27, 2010

That is some paso

imageThis great picture comes from Euro Weekly News. It shows the paso, Nuestro Padre Jesús en el Huerto de los Olivos (Jesus in the garden of olives) being carried by the International Cofradia through the streets of Torrevieja.

Carrying any float around the streets, especially round the corners is difficult, negotiating this one takes a lot of skill.

The brotherhood was formed in 1984 and first took part in the processions in 1985. At that time the paso was wheeled around. This will be the sixth year that the International Cofradia will take part in the Easter parades and carry the paso on their shoulders.

Originally the throne on the float had the figures of the Angel and Christ by D.Valentín García Quinto (1985). In 1986, D. Francisco Manzanaro Morales remodelled the throne to include his figures of the three apostles, John, Peter and James.

As you can see it does take a lot of costeleras to carry this heavy paso, the tallest are at the front and back to take up the bow in the carrying arms. I'm told that the ones at the side of the paso take very little weight and the best job is Graham Knight's, he gets to walk alongside and give the necessary taps on the paso to signal the manoeuvres.

You have two chances to see the paso; on Monday from 10pm and then again on Friday from 7:30pm (note the Monday parade will be a lot shorter).


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