Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twenty seven Euros is a lot to pay

The volume of traffic using the AP-7 between Valencia and Alicante decreased  by one million drivers (12.42 per cent) last year compared to 2008. The reasons attributed to this are several, but the recession is the one most people agree is the real reason for the decline. More people are saving the toll road charges and opting for the free roads instead because it costs 26.7 Euros to drive the 148.5 kilometre stretch of the AP-7.

However if you follow the alternative routes, your journey increases dramatically especially through Alicante province. One of the solutions is to improve the  alternative roads and widen them as they have done with the N332. Locals though question the wisdom of this; why spend money on improving alternative “free” routes, why not either eliminate or at least reduce the charges on the autopista.

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Petrus said...

Yes the cost is very high - I'm sure a nominal 5 Euro charge would attract far more custom .. though I have noticed the Spanish can be quite "thrifty" when it comes to spending money.