Friday, March 19, 2010

Pam the professional

Pam joined the ladies' darts club a few years ago and started playing with some cheap brass darts which were very heavy. She was recommended to buy better quality Unicorn darts from a sports shop near to Villamartin which she did.

Then I found a shop online which would deliver to Spain. Their darts were of equal quality if not better and were a lot cheaper even when you factored in the shipping costs.

Whilst I was ordering the darts, I added in extra flights and shafts (Pam was breaking them like there was no tomorrow) and just for good measure a box to hold all this stuff.


Now, of course, everyone admires the darts and more particularly the box. A lot of the ladies want one and asked Pam where they could get one. The online retailer was Tumble Darts, one of the few that would deliver here to Spain. The rub is that their web site no longer exists so sorry ladies I can’t help you other than to suggest that you Google Elkadart (the make of the box) and see if you can find another supplier. Short of that, you will just have to admire Pamela’s professionalism!


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I know that Laura's Dad has enormous trouble buying darts over in Finland. We got him a set that he was really delighted with for next to no money from Argos.