Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paramount importance

The good news is that Paramount Pictures have chosen the Murcian region to construct the biggest theme park in Spain in direct competition with Disneyland in Paris.

The project will have the added value of some cinematographic studios which will be the centre of all Paramount’s productions in Europe, according to the Murcian Councillor for Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz.

Cruz has said that the region of Murcia will become the Leisure Centre of Spain, with a 2.5km² complex, 15,000 beds in hotels, creating 20,000 jobs, and attracting 3 million tourists to Spain. The amount of money to be invested will be decided next month. Private investors will be offered the possibility of putting their capital into the project.

The project, which is estimated to be completed within 2 years, comes like a breath of fresh air for Spanish property agents, Spanish real estate companies, and other local businesses in the present financial climate. By the time it is built, It will be somewhere to take our granddaughter Molly on her visits to Spain.

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Petrus said...

Let's hope it is a success and generates some increase in the housing market BUT will the Spanish be really interested ?? I think they still prefer the beach.

From what I can gather Terra Mitica at Benidorm has not been the financial success that was hoped for.