Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tradition continues at La Paz

image Easter is such an important part of the calendar here in Spain.

The parades are the spectacular part of the celebrations, a tradition which hopefully will continue for many years to come.
image It is not just the adults who get involved though, the children from the local primary school in Bigastro hold their own parade.

The pupils from La Paz, aged 3 to 6, dress up as nazarenes with traditional mantillas. There are Romans, musicians and of course costaleros carrying a paso which they have made. It is great spectacle for all the relatives and friends to see.

If you watch the parades on television or visit them yourselves, you will see many children taking part and many more watching with their parents. Since they will be the next generation to carry these traditions forward for the future, it is encouraging to see them taking part.

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