Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There one minute….

Shopping malls are rarely man friendly places. Amongst the fashion shops, the shoe shops, there are few places of interest to us. The saving grace for the Habeneras was the bar on the way out. It was a great place to stop off for a beer or a coffee and a quick snack from the tapas menu. Pam and I went there often if only for a coffee. It always seemed to be thronged out with customers.

It was open last week but now it is closed, hit by the economic crisis. The problems that the bar faced were three fold; most customers were only spending a few Euros on a beer or two, the rents were high and they had far too many staff.

That is a shame, where is a man to go now whilst his wife is hunting down a bargain in H&M or Zara? There is only so much time you can spend looking at DIY tools in Aki or sports goods in Forum!


Petrus said...

I'm sorry it's shut - one of our regular calling places too ..

Nearly every bar we like ends up shutting down !!!

Very strange - a jinx ??

Pete said...

That's a real shame. It's one thing to cry about shops that you once loved but never actually bought from, but to see somewhere that you do actually frequent closing down is very sad indeed.