Thursday, March 25, 2010

The market at Orihuela

We used to like the market in Orihuela when it was held in Las Monserratinas. When it moved to Los Huertos, we visited it once. Parking was a problem and the market itself seemed to lack the atmosphere that it had in the city centre.

The reason the market was moved was to carry out work in Las Monserratinas. That was completed about a month ago and everyone kind of assumed that the market would move back to its old location but it hasn’t. The city council are not keen to relocate the market because in its former position it did cause traffic chaos in the city centre.

It seems that nobody likes the market where it is now. The local bars and businesses in Las Monserratinas have lost customers, the people who live at Los Huertos don’t like the market there because they can’t get to their garages but most important, the market traders don’t like it because they get fewer customers.

The market traders have now lodged complaints to the city council. They say that, in its present situation, they can only earn between 30 and 40 Euros for their days work. Let’s hope the city council listen to them and move the market back to where it should be and then everyone will be happy.

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