Friday, March 12, 2010

It will get better – trust me!

imageWhenever it is colder or wetter here in Spain, the British press make a lot of it. This winter they have had a lot to crow about because he weather has been diabolical.

That will change though. You could put your life savings on that.

We came back from England on Monday leaving clear sunny skies in Manchester to find grey clouds over Bigastro. Since then though we have had pleasant sunshine, sufficient to get all the clothes washed and dried.

Today we are back to rain and cold but that won’t last. You can see from the chart that it is already starting to get warmer. Not hot enough for the shorts that we saw a few Brits sporting in Torrevieja the other day but certainly good enough to leave the scarves and gloves at home.Let's be honest, 18 degrees would almost be a pleasant summers day in Britain.

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